Pirate Box Dev Contest

Want to contribute to a project to protect Creative Content from censorship, while simultaneously lowering storage costs and having performance scale with traffic? You can help by creating custom software to run on the Pirate Box.

::pirate box

out of the box ipfs solution

Pirate Box is a custom built Raspberry Pi 4 computer, loaded with software to enable the owner to easily store and access data on IPFS, coupled with open source tools to enhance user experience.


Help Develop Pirate Box and Win

In order to encourage the community development of Pirate Box, we're hosting a competition to see who can develop the coolest solutions for it. We want to see what you think the Pirate Box is capable of.

Over $2500 in prizes to be awarded to the winners!

Criteria for Judging

  • Uses of Pirate Box that showcase IPFS
  • Examples of portable apps using IPFS
  • Innovative networking solutions, such as mesh nets and DNS alternatives
  • Uses of Pirate Box that support the agora & business
  • Packaging & Presentation, who has the best marketing and promotion
  • Best examples of Liberty Library content or custom software
  • Best Pirate Chain (ARRR) integration, other crypto solutions such as payment gateways
  • Best use of Pirate Box for private IPFS networks

Entry Requirments

All entries must meet the following requirments:

  • All software must be open source. We prefer it be licensed under bip-cot, no-gov license. bipcot.org/
  • A link to the source code
  • A link to a video demonstrating the features


August 1th - deadline for all entries. Entries must be submitted and available to the judges by this date.
August 7th - judging ends. Want to join us in person when we announce the top entries? Check out the Jackalope Freedom festival that we'll be at!


Get Started

In order to get started developing for the Pirate Box, you'll need the following:

  • A Raspberry Pi 4 computer
  • A copy of the Pirate Box image

The Pirate Box image can be downloaded from:


from any web browser, alternatively it can be viewed from IPFS Desktop or IPFS Companion. The sha256sum verification hash is:

If you need more information on installing custom images on the Raspberry Pi, see the documentation here:
Installing operating system images - Raspberry Pi Documentation


Top Prize

Pi-top Battery Powered, 1TB sd Pirate Box - value $999

pi-top battery powered, 1tb Pirate Box

1st runner up

Argon ONE Pirate Box with 1TB M.2 SSD - value $799

pi-top battery powered, 1tb Pirate Box

2nd runner up

Passively Cooled, Aluminum Pirate Box - value $499

pi-top battery powered, 1tb Pirate Box

3rd runner up

Labist Pirate Box with dual LED fans - value $199

pi-top battery powered, 1tb Pirate Box

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