Pirate Box 64 Bit Image Patches

Run "uname -a" in a terminal. If you see 'aarch64' it's a 64 bit image, otherwise it's an earlier 32 bit Pirate Box.


The 64 bit Pirate Box image published on Nov 21st, 2021 (QmWLH7fEvjTLz3s1nFjBe6Nk4DcucsjraNf7a6PvPZA9nb) included an initialized IPFS, so that when you run the Pirate Box Setup Wizard you will get a warning prompt asking if you really want to re-initialize the existing IPFS repository.

That was unintentional, and a consequence of not cleaning up the .ipfs folder after testing.

Simply answer that dialog Yes and continue.

Download Patch 3 ... sha256 Verification ... README

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