# Peering with content providers

IPFS allows you to request data from any IPFS node with a copy using the data's CID or content identifier. This process usually involves a lookup on the distrubuted hash table and may also require establishing new connections to the nodes storing the content.

If you're running an IPFS node that serves many requests, like a public HTTP gateway, for example, you may be able to speed up queries by maintaining long-lived connections to nodes that provide a large volume of data.

Prioritizing connections to certain peers is called Peering, and you can tell IPFS which peers to prioritize by editing the Peering configuration in your IPFS config file.

To peer with nodes from Cloudflare, you could update your config to include a Peering section like that consists of the ID and addresses for their node:

  "Peering": {
    "Peers": [
        "ID": "QmcfgsJsMtx6qJb74akCw1M24X1zFwgGo11h1cuhwQjtJP",
        "Addrs": ["/ip6/2606:4700:60::6/tcp/4009", "/ip4/"]


Generally speaking, users running IPFS at home won't need to set up peering and can ignore this page!

Peering is most helpful for nodes that have a lot of concurrent connections since it prevents the connection manager from dropping connections it thinks aren't "useful" any longer. If you find yourself running near the connection manager's limit, you may benefit from peering with content providers.

# Content provider list

Below is a community-maintained list of platforms that provide a lot of content to the IPFS network.

If you're running a public IPFS gateway, you may see improved performance for popular queries by adding these nodes to your Peering configuration.

To have your platform added to this list, please open a PR to edit this page (opens new window) and add yourself to the list in alphabetical order.

# Cloudflare

Peer ID Addresses
QmcfgsJsMtx6qJb74akCw1M24X1zFwgGo11h1cuhwQjtJP /ip6/2606:4700:60::6/tcp/4009


# Pinata

Peer ID Addresses
QmWaik1eJcGHq1ybTWe7sezRfqKNcDRNkeBaLnGwQJz1Cj /dnsaddr/fra1-1.hostnodes.pinata.cloud
QmNfpLrQQZr5Ns9FAJKpyzgnDL2GgC6xBug1yUZozKFgu4 /dnsaddr/fra1-2.hostnodes.pinata.cloud
QmPo1ygpngghu5it8u4Mr3ym6SEU2Wp2wA66Z91Y1S1g29 /dnsaddr/fra1-3.hostnodes.pinata.cloud
QmRjLSisUCHVpFa5ELVvX3qVPfdxajxWJEHs9kN3EcxAW6 /dnsaddr/nyc1-1.hostnodes.pinata.cloud
QmPySsdmbczdZYBpbi2oq2WMJ8ErbfxtkG8Mo192UHkfGP /dnsaddr/nyc1-2.hostnodes.pinata.cloud
QmSarArpxemsPESa6FNkmuu9iSE1QWqPX2R3Aw6f5jq4D5 /dnsaddr/nyc1-3.hostnodes.pinata.cloud

# Protocol Labs

Peer ID Addresses
QmUEMvxS2e7iDrereVYc5SWPauXPyNwxcy9BXZrC1QTcHE /dns/cluster0.fsn.dwebops.pub
QmNSYxZAiJHeLdkBg38roksAR9So7Y5eojks1yjEcUtZ7i /dns/cluster1.fsn.dwebops.pub
QmUd6zHcbkbcs7SMxwLs48qZVX3vpcM8errYS7xEczwRMA /dns/cluster2.fsn.dwebops.pub
QmbVWZQhCGrS7DhgLqWbgvdmKN7JueKCREVanfnVpgyq8x /dns/cluster3.fsn.dwebops.pub
QmdnXwLrC8p1ueiq2Qya8joNvk3TVVDAut7PrikmZwubtR /dns/cluster4.fsn.dwebops.pub
12D3KooWCRscMgHgEo3ojm8ovzheydpvTEqsDtq7Vby38cMHrYjt /dns4/nft-storage-am6.nft.dwebops.net/tcp/18402
12D3KooWQtpvNvUYFzAo1cRYkydgk15JrMSHp6B6oujqgYSnvsVm /dns4/nft-storage-dc13.nft.dwebops.net/tcp/18402
12D3KooWQcgCwNCTYkyLXXQSZuL5ry1TzpM8PRe9dKddfsk1BxXZ /dns4/nft-storage-sv15.nft.dwebops.net/tcp/18402

# Textile

Peer ID Addresses
QmR69wtWUMm1TWnmuD4JqC1TWLZcc8iR2KrTenfZZbiztd /ip4/