# Recent releases

This section contains information about recent IPFS releases. You can find installation instructions, update information, and release notes here.

# Go-IPFS 0.9 (opens new window)

This release makes Go IPFS even more configurable, with some fun experiments to boot! We're also deprecating or removing some uncommonly used features to make it easier for users to discover the easy ways to use Go IPFS safely and efficiently.

# Go-IPFS 0.8 (opens new window)

This release is focused on making it easier to work with pins. We have some snazzy new features around being able to ask remote services to pin data for you, and modifying large pin sets is much faster than ever before.

# Go-IPFS 0.7 (opens new window)

With a focus on security and stability, this release removes support for SECIO, and enables Ed25519 keys by default.

# Go-IPFS 0.6 (opens new window)

This is a relatively small release in terms of code changes, but it contains some significant changes to the IPFS protocol.

# Go-IPFS 0.5 (opens new window)

IPFS 0.5 features major performance upgrades to adding, providing, finding, and fetching data on IPFS.